Xiaomi Acton Blink S-R Electric Skateboard Review!

Dr. E Skateboard reviews Xiaomi Acton’s Blink S-R electric skateboard, one of the most portable/lightweight hub motor electric skateboard.  This is my absolute favorite travel electric skateboard that retails currently for around $350 on eBay and $399 directly from Acton.

Blink S-R Portability/Travel

Blink S-R is one of the most portable and lightweight electric skateboards on the market today with weight of just 10 pounds.   It also fits perfectly in a standard airplane baggage.(See how I travel with it in my luggage here.)

In comparison, the Boosted Mini S weighs 15 pounds and also does not fit in a standard baggage for airline travel.  I love my Mini S but I would rather bring a board that fits in my baggage so I bring my Blink S-R for air travel.

Blink S-R Range

On average, I got around 6 miles of range with the Blink S-R, which is pretty good for commutes within 6 miles or less.

Blink S-R Top Speed/Power

Top speed is rated at 16MPH and I did get exactly that in its Pro mode.   Because of that, I find this board more safer than other more powerful boards.  If you are getting an electric skateboard for your kids, this will prevent them from riding too fast.  When I first got my Boosted Mini S which has top speed of 18MPH, I found it a little too fast.  Also because it is hub motor(not belt driven motor), there’s less torque, which makes it easy for beginners and kids to steadily slow up and thus safer.  Many of the Boosted and Evolve boards are very powerful.  While these powerful boards can give you higher speeds, I find it very unsafe especially kids and those of you who have no previous skateboard/snowboard experience.

Blink S-R has a single hub motor with 500 watts, which is not a ton of power but it will get you around a big city easily.  So long as you are using it on relative flat ground with 7 degrees or less (or 15% grade).

Blink S-R Braking

Due to its hub motor, Blink S-R doesn’t have best braking.   Braking at full speed you may find it a little jittery on flat ground but it does come to a full stop, just takes a little longer than belt-driven boards.  At slow speeds, the brakes work very well on flat ground.  Now braking does not work at all when going down steep hills more than 7 degrees.   You will have to learn how to manually stop the board, which is something you should know how to do anyways for safe electric skateboarding.

Blink S-R Water Proofing

One of advantages of hub motor electric skateboards is that the motor is not exposed.  The motor is inside the wheel and no electronics are exposed.  On the other hand, belt motor electric skateboards like Boosted Mini S are more exposed to elements due to having a belt.  The Blink S-R can be driven in full rain thanks to its fully enclosed design.  While you cannot dunk it in a swimming pool, you should be able to go thru puddles of water and ride in the rain fine.

Blink S-R Price

The Blink S-R currently priced around $350 on eBay, which is half the price of Boosted Mini S.  The price is a perfect for those of you who don’t want to spend $750 or $1000+ on their first electric skateboard.  This is an excellent board for travel and commuting.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the Acton Blink S-R.  This is definitely my go-to travel boards due to its weight and small enough to fit in my luggage.  While it’s not great for hills, you will have plenty speed and range for most city streets.

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