How to Airplane Travel w/ Electric Skateboard!

Want to travel to another country or city with your electric skateboard? Here is how to travel on airplanes with your electric skateboard, this is a generic instructions that you can apply to any electric skateboard including Boosted Mini S, Acton Blink SR, and any e skateboard with 100Wh or less battery.

Sorry about the dark lighting, I wanted to make this video while traveling and my GoPro Hero8 sucks as low light ugh!

Requirements for Airline Travel for both domestic & international:

1. Battery capacity of the electric skateboard must be 100Wh capacity or less.

2. Battery must be detached from the skateboard and carried on your carry-on luggage.

3. Once battery is detached you can put your board inside the luggage or put it in a box/bag and check it as baggage. Most airlines will NOT charge as oversize for electric skateboards.

Make sure the electric skateboard you purchase has less than 100Wh battery as most of the bigger longboard type electric boards have much bigger battery.

I do highly recommend the Acton Blink SR board I used in the video as this is one of the smallest boards that also fits in a standard luggage if you don’t need a lot of power and using board on mostly flat grounds.

I do recommend the Boosted Mini S if you need the power to go up hills of places and San Francisco. But the Boosted Mini S will have to be checked as baggage, you may be able to carry on the airplane for most domestic flights though.

Get the Acton Blink SR here – Link

Get the Boosted Mini S here – Link

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