How to Install ABEC Wheel Pulley! [DIY Electric Skateboard 101]

MBS 100mm wheels used in video – Link

ABEC Pullies used in video: (I do HIGHLY recommend TorqueBoard pullies, well designed but slightly more money than cheaper brands.) – Link

I ALWAYS recommend getting wheel pulley WITH SCREWS, there are some types that don’t use screws and the wheels can get loose or cause pulleys to pull at an angle, 6 screws keep them tightly attached to the pulley, AVOID pulley kits without screws. E.G. Awoah MODS LED wheels did not come with screws and the pulleys would pull off so I had to drill holes to put my own screws. BUYER BE AWARE, listen to Dr. E! He knows #ESK8 BEST!

Also pulleys have different belt width. If using 63mm motors, you will want to go with 15mm width otherwise your belt will skip a lot when breaking downhill due to too much power. For 50mm motors 10mm or 12mm will do fine.

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