How to Ride Steep Hills on Electric Skateboard!

In this video, I show you the basics of how to ride steep hills(like San Francisco hills) on an electric skateboard. If you have never ridden an electric skateboard on steep hills, this video should help you.

First, make sure you have an electric skateboard with enough power to go up steep hills and also enough power to brake. If you have a single hub or belt motor, most likely you will NOT be able to make up steep hills. I do highly recommend dual belt motors for steep hills as they are “geared” and have more torque than hub motors. I would stay away from hub motors if you want to ride steep hills daily as they overheat easily and voltage sag will cause them to slow down much quicker than belt setup.

You will need at least 1000 watts of power to attack most steep hills and preferably 2000 watts or more. I am using my own 5000-watt DIY electric skateboard.

Second, learn to start from standstill on a moderate hill and be able to start your board uphill.

Third, learn to get on the board in a moderate downhill and be able to crawl down and slowly control your speed. Remember, when going downhill, you are not using any acceleration, rather your electric skateboard is actually regenerating energy to your battery. MAKE SURE your battery if not FULL when going down steep hills. Electric Skateboard brake by regenerating energy to the battery. If the battery is full, there’s nowhere for that energy to go so if your battery charges full while going downhill, your brakes will stop working. Also learn to manually stop your board, I will make another video on that.

My house is literally on a 30% incline so I had to learn how to skate steep hills every since I bought my first electric skateboard Boosted Mini S. But I am getting better and better everyday and steep hills are a TON of fun if you know how to control your board. Don’t be afraid of hills, keep working on smooth braking downhill and starting smooth uphill and you will master steep hills in no time.

Also, for belt motors, MAKE SURE your belt is tighter than normal as loose belt will cause slow braking. I make my belts slightly tighter than normal because I have to ride on steep hills everyday.


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