Ownboard M1 Mini Electric Skateboard Unboxing & First Ride!

I had the pleasure of unboxing Ownboard’s latest mini electric skateboard, the Ownboard M1 with Samsung 40T battery.  This is a dual-belt 30-inch mini electric skateboard with 90mm wheels and Hobbywing ESC (Electronic Speed Controller).  For those of you who don’t know, Hobbywing ESC is a custom electronic motor controller that gives your electric skateboard super smooth acceleration and braking along with super quiet motors.

The heart of this board isn’t the ESC though but its Samsung 40T 10S2P battery pack.  The Samsung 40T battery cells are 21700 batteries, slightly larger than 18650 batteries used on older electric skateboards.  The advantage of using such battery is that the Samsung 40T has maximum continuous output rating of 35A and also 45A if temperature under 85 degrees celcius.  In comparison, Samsung 30Q 18650 batteries are only rated for less than half of that at 15 amps.   (A = amps)

Thus, with these batteries, you are able to “continually” push out much more power for your skateboard motors than previously possible with less battery cells.  In other words, you can build a powerful electric skateboard with smaller batteries.  For mini electric skateboards like the Ownboard M1, this means lighter weight while still having a lot of power to go up steep hills.

Now, in my first ride, I did experience that the Ownboard M1 did not live up to my standards or expectations.  This is due to its pre-programmed Hobbywing ESC.  Although it is a very good ESC, it is limited by limits set at the factory.   However, you should be able to easily get 20-30% more power later on by swapping out the ESC with VESC, which I prefer anyways.

But it’s not all bad, the current setup does fine with steep hills, I would say it’s just as powerful as a Boosted Mini S and X.  I live on steep hills and I tend to go full throttle going up hills so for myself personally, I always need more power.  However, if you are new to electric skateboarding and/or you live on flat ground, the Ownboard M1 has plenty power, you will never need more speed.

The Ownboard M1 is rated for 26MPH at pro mode, which is plenty fast for a small board and I do not recommend going any faster on a mini skateboard like this.  It isn’t exactly “mini” but in terms of electric skateboarding, we consider anything around 30 inches or less “mini” since it’s a different way of riding, just a completely different experience from traditional skateboarding that’s more focused on tricks and ollies.

In my initial testing, range seems to be awfully good on this mini electric skateboard, the Samsung 40T battery pack is rated for 13-15 miles range and I that’s pretty accurate.  I will do a full range test but for right now, I am really impressed with the quality of the board itself.

I should have a full range test, top speed review along with regular updates on this board but if you are looking for Boosted Mini S/X alternative, this is definitely the one and it’s better for much much less.  This board is exactly the reason why Boosted Boards went out of business, better performance/range for much less and also you will easily be able to swap out the wheels, motors, ESC, etc…etc…

You can get the Ownboard M1 here.

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