Sup guys!

Welcome to DrESkateboard.com, we are focused on giving you the best tutorials on how to build your own DIY electric skateboard along with unboxings/reviews of electric skateboards.  We will also be modding many existing electric skateboards with VESC controllers, custom wheels, and much much more.

Max Lee aka Dr. E has a masters degree from EIT(ESK8 Institution of Technology) and knows many things about building/riding electric skateboards.   He also has a Computer Engineering Botchler’s Degree so he is good with volts, amps, and cooking too.

Dr. E has been riding skateboards since 1986, an avid snowboarder also, and loves building/testing new custom DIY electric skateboards.  Dr. E’s goal is to build the coolest electric skateboards and also make video tutorials to help others build the same thing.

Welcome to DrESkateboard.com, we will always strive to give you the best and latest electric skateboard building/riding information here, we are inspired by everything electric and skateboarding.

Dr. E is usually busy in the surgery room or the ER but if you have a question, he will do his best to give you free advice.

Dr. E lives with a cool 12 year daughter who rides esk8, a yorkie doggo, 2 kittens, wife who does not ride, and 10+ electric skateboards in SF Area, Daly City/Pacifica specifically.  Dr. E makes a few new DIY electric skateboards per month, he will post them all eventually on this site you can learn how to make them too!  Subscribe!

Stay tuned for more cool #esk8 stuff!


Max Lee aka Dr. E

P.S. Check out Dr. E’s #MadMax OffRoad DIY Electric Skateboard Prototype:

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