My New FAVORITE MODE of TRANSPORATION! – Hiboy A5 Football One-Wheel Hoverboard!

My New FAVORITE MODE of TRANSPORATION! – Hiboy A5 Football One-Wheel Hoverboard!  With a 350-watt “football” motor, the Hiboy A5 has range of 7 miles and can even go up pretty steep hills near 30% grade.  It does take a little bit to learn how to ride it but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier and easier.  This is somewhat a “hybrid” between a One Wheel and hoverboards.  I really, really, really dig it! This is an absolute must have for American football fans like myself.


Ownboard M1 Dual Belt Electric Skateboard Review!


The Ownboard M1 dual-belt electric skateboard is a mini electric skateboard with 30-inch deck, two 5045 motors, 90mm urethane wheels, and a choice of Samsung 20R or Samsung 40T 10S2P battery pack.  The battery and ESC enclosure is all metal, giving you very good protection along with passive cooling, all weighing at around 16 pounds.  You have a full battery percentage readout along with a power button.  In my opinion, this is the best value per watt on a mini electric skateboard today, I am Dr. E Skateboard, let’s go review it.


$350 Electric Skateboard UNBOXING! [Hiboy S22]

Few month back, I bought the cheapest electric skateboard on Amazon for $175, the HiBoy S11(See HiBody S11 Review here) and I was really impressed how much you get for such little price.  Well, HiBoy hit me up and told me they would send me their HiBoy S22, which is slightly more powerful and bigger longboard version and today, I unbox the $350 electric skateboard from Hiboy. The Hiboy S22 is a DUAL hub motor with top speed of 18MPH(19MPH measured in this video) and 12 miles of range.


HOW TO Build Custom DIY Electric Skateboard! – [Part 3][Battery Enclosure/Ride Test][Dual 6374]

Here’s part 3 of HOW TO Build Custom DIY Electric Skateboard. In part 3, we finish up the skateboard by installing everything inside the battery enclosure and doing some touch-up like hot gluing charging port, and drilling holes for the battery enclosure.

After that, we test out the new board by taking it for a few miles around the neighborhood, double-checking every mile that nothing is coming off, making sure everything is running smooth.


HOW TO Build Custom DIY Electric Skateboard! – [Part 1][DETAILED TUTORIAL]

As many of you requested so I wanted to make a DETAILED TUTORIAL for you guys on HOW TO build a custom DIY electric skateboard. This video may be long but I wanted to cover all the little things that are involved in building an electric skateboard such as trying to make things that don’t fit work. Also, I really wanted to show you guys that you can build any kind of custom DIY electric skateboard so you can build a custom board just the way you want it. Whether you want to use 40-inch deck, 120mm cloud wheels, special trucks like Haggyboard trucks, or custom pulley with bigger gearing, building an electric skateboard is fun but there are always hurdles and sometimes you have to get creative to make things work. A dremel is your best friend and I hope this tutorial helps you build your next custom DIY electric skateboard. I want you guys to use this tutorial as reference, not as a step-by-step tutorial so you can build any board you want with the specs you want.


How to Build 12S2P DIY Electric Skateboard Battery Pack!

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to build a 12S2P electric skateboard battery pack. I am using 21700 Samsung 40T batteries(which I highly recommend for more power with compact size) but you can use any size battery, the only real difference is just size of the battery cells and the final batter pack.


VESC Log for 5000 Watt DIY Electric Skateboard #MadMaxMini

Here’s a quick look at my VESC log on my 5000 watt DIY electric skateboard. If you use a VESC bluetooth module($10 at Flipsky), you can connect to your Android/iOS smartphone and use the VESC app to log your rides and be able to see all your parameters later on such as speed, temps, motor amps, battery amps, and much more.

Check out the ride video here: