Hiboy Electric Skateboard Review! [Best Kids/Beginner ESK8/Expert Trainer]

Here’s my training wheels that I take to parking lots to practice my carving. Although very not powerful and fast, the Hiboy electric skateboard can get you into steeper carving angles because it is so damn slow. It’s actually more of a workout than actually riding my faster boards because at slower speeds, your body has to lean more to turn.

But boy, you can turn on a dime with this board with the trucks a bit looser than faster boards. For small spaces like a parking lot, you can have a ton of fun and exercise.

Now, I don’t recommend riding this on any hills it will simply not go up any hills more than few degrees. Also top speed is on 12MPH, which can be plenty for flat, smooth ground commutes. Battery life is decent around 6-7 miles.

I do HIGHLY recommend this especially for kids or anyone who wants to learn electric skateboarding without going too fast.

I always this board in my trunk so if there’s any opportunity to ride at a parking lot(let’s say my wife go shopping), I will use this and have a blast in a small parking lot. It doesn’t go fast anyways so security usually don’t trip because this board is so slow. But I LOVE IT.

Get your here – Link

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