$350 Electric Skateboard UNBOXING! [Hiboy S22]

Few month back, I bought the cheapest electric skateboard on Amazon for $175, the HiBoy S11(See HiBody S11 Review here) and I was really impressed how much you get for such little price.  Well, HiBoy hit me up and told me they would send me their HiBoy S22, which is slightly more powerful and bigger longboard version and today, I unbox the $350 electric skateboard from Hiboy. The Hiboy S22 is a DUAL hub motor with top speed of 18MPH(19MPH measured in this video) and 12 miles of range.

First impressions?

Wow, I didn’t expect too much power out of the Hiboy S22 and boy, it knocked me off my feet on my first ride, I underestimate the power of this board and literally took my feet out.  On flat ground, the acceleration of this board is just as good as many $1000-1500 board out there.  Of course, that’s on its Pro mode and there’s 4 levels you can play with and for beginners or people just getting into electric skateboard, I HIGHLY advise starting on level 1.

I did easily reach top speed on 19MPH which lives up to its specs of 18MPH and the board is rated for 12 miles of range, which I think it can do easily with the 144wH battery.  While I will have a full review of this board will full real-life range test and steep hill test but for right now, this is the most value for your money on an electric skateboard I have tried so far.  I don’t think you can go wrong with this one if you just need a low-cost electric skateboard that’s easy-to-ride, powerful enough to go up mild hills, and have range of 10+ miles for commuting.  In fact, I think you can go something like this especially if it’s your first time on an electric skateboard.

You can get it here – Link


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  1. HARMLESS says:

    Great! I named this dope company.

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