How to Build a DIY Electric Skateboard!

This page is dedicated to articles/tutorials at DrESkateboard on “How to Build a DIY Electric Skateboard”.  We will frequently update this page so please check back often for updates!

  • Part 1 Designing Your Electric Skateboard – In part 1, we discuss various different topics required for planning and designing your new DIY electric skateboard.  Whether you want a powerful 5000-watt electric skateboard that can go 35MPH or a smaller mini-electric skateboard that is super portable, you will first have to plan and design the board you want before you build it.
  • VESC Setup Guide– How to Setup VESC – In this guide, I show you how to setup VESC, open source motor controller that allows you to fully customize your DIY electric skateboard.
  • How to Install ABEC Wheel Pulley! – In this simple tutorial, I show you how to install ABEC wheels to ABEC wheel pulleys.  Very easy to do, no soldering required but you might need a drill.
  • How to Install New Wheels/Belts! – This tutorial shows you how to actually replace/install new wheels/belts, pretty easy to do but you may need correct-sized belts.
  • How to Build a 12S2P Battery Pack! – This tutorial shows you how to make a custom 12S2P battery pack.  You can always buy pre-made battery packs but building your own battery packs can be safer for DIY electric skateboards.   Very dangerous so take caution before attempting!