HOW TO Build Custom DIY Electric Skateboard! – [Part 3][Battery Enclosure/Ride Test][Dual 6374]

Here’s part 3 of HOW TO Build Custom DIY Electric Skateboard. In part 3, we finish up the skateboard by installing everything inside the battery enclosure and doing some touch-up like hot gluing charging port, and drilling holes for the battery enclosure.

After that, we test out the new board by taking it for a few miles around the neighborhood, double-checking every mile that nothing is coming off, making sure everything is running smooth.

This is NOT FINISHED YET. In part 4, we will do a full range test, top speed test, and also optimize the skateboard. Subscribe so you don’t miss part 4!

P.S. I will have a shortened version of the tutorial in both video and written language soon, sorry I just spent a LOT of time this so wanted to upload it first, enjoy!

Parts List:

Landyachts Evo 40 Deck – Get at DaddiesBoardshop – Link

Haggyboard Kahua Trucks & Motor Mount – Link

120mm Cloud Wheels – Link

Flipsky VESC 6.60 Plus w/ Anti-Spark – Link

Flipsky 6374 Motors – Link

12S2P Samsung 40T Battery I built, check out How to Build 12S2P Samsung 40T DIY Electric Skateboard Battery Pack!

Total Cost: Around $1300 w/ parts, taxes, and shipping included.

Total Time to Build:

10 hours for battery pack

20 hours for assembly

Around 30 hours of work.

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Dr. E

Dr. E has been riding skateboards since 1989, an avid snowboarder also, and loves building/testing new custom DIY electric skateboards.  Dr. E's goal is to build the coolest electric skateboards and also make video tutorials to help others build the same thing. See full bio on our About page.