Vestar Black Hawk RAW Top Speed & Range Test Review!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Here’s a Vestar Black Hawk electric skateboard RAW top speed & range test review at full throttle/hilly city.

Footage is mostly unedited to show you real life range and also give you a realistic look at riding for longer ranges, also tour of my city Daly City and Pacifica, California.

This is NOT an average range test, this is actually worst-case scenario since I am on full throttle most of the video. At full throttle, your range decreases by 15-30% since you are using more power. Also, I live in VERY HILLY neighborhood next to San Francisco so your range is also reduced by another 15-30% depending on how much hills I ride.

I only got 12 miles of range with about 15% battery left, which is still great considering I was going uphill half of the video and also going at full speed. On flat ground at full throttle, you should be able to get near 20 miles easily and much more if you ride slower.

Also, when going uphills, I tend to go full throttle obviously because the hills slow you down. The hills in this video average anywhere from 15-40% grade.

For top speed, I got 27MPH going downhill, I think maxes out at around 24 or 25MPH on flat ground.

I reached out to Vestar and they gave me 20% off coupon, use coupon code “MAX” at checkout to get 20% off, you can get the Black Hawk here.

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