VESC Log for 5000 Watt DIY Electric Skateboard #MadMaxMini

Here’s a quick look at my VESC log on my 5000 watt DIY electric skateboard. If you use a VESC bluetooth module($10 at Flipsky), you can connect to your Android/iOS smartphone and use the VESC app to log your rides and be able to see all your parameters later on such as speed, temps, motor amps, battery amps, and much more.

Check out the ride video here:

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Dr. E

Dr. E has been riding skateboards since 1989, an avid snowboarder also, and loves building/testing new custom DIY electric skateboards.  Dr. E's goal is to build the coolest electric skateboards and also make video tutorials to help others build the same thing. See full bio on our About page.