HOW TO Build Custom DIY Electric Skateboard! – [Part 1][DETAILED TUTORIAL]

As many of you requested so I wanted to make a DETAILED TUTORIAL for you guys on HOW TO build a custom DIY electric skateboard. This video may be long but I wanted to cover all the little things that are involved in building an electric skateboard such as trying to make things that don’t fit work. Also, I really wanted to show you guys that you can build any kind of custom DIY electric skateboard so you can build a custom board just the way you want it. Whether you want to use 40-inch deck, 120mm cloud wheels, special trucks like Haggyboard trucks, or custom pulley with bigger gearing, building an electric skateboard is fun but there are always hurdles and sometimes you have to get creative to make things work. A dremel is your best friend and I hope this tutorial helps you build your next custom DIY electric skateboard. I want you guys to use this tutorial as reference, not as a step-by-step tutorial so you can build any board you want with the specs you want.

This is part 1 since there’s so many steps and I don’t want to give you guys a shortened 10-min version(which I could do) but you would miss out on all the fun such as motor keys that don’t fit or having to wait for a custom length belt. You can go buy a DIY kit that’s easy to build but you won’t learn anything. But by getting custom parts and trying to put it together, you learn to be able to build any board you want and that is my goal, to teach you guys all I know and what I am learning.

My first board was in January 2020 and it was a crappy board with cheap ESC and cheap motors. It was a good experience but I have built over a dozen boards since then and have learned a lot of things about building an electric skateboard. I just want to share some of my ups and downs of building an electric skateboard so you can also not have to go thru some of things I went thru.

Anyways, this is just one of my first build videos so subscribe as I will do many new builds in the future and hopefully I get better at building boards to in the process.


Dr. E

P.S. I will update this with all the parts I used, I just wanted to uploaded it for now since I got the video edited finally.

Parts List:

Landyachts Evo 40 Deck – Get at DaddiesBoardshop – Link

Haggyboard Kahua Trucks & Motor Mount – Link

120mm Cloud Wheels – Link

Flipsky VESC 6.60 Plus w/ Anti-Spark – Link

Flipsky 6374 Motors – Link

12S2P Samsung 40T Battery I built, check out How to Build 12S2P Samsung 40T DIY Electric Skateboard Battery Pack!

Total Cost: Around $1300 w/ parts, taxes, and shipping included.

Total Time to Build:

10 hours for battery pack

20 hours for assembly

Around 30 hours of work.

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Dr. E

Dr. E has been riding skateboards since 1989, an avid snowboarder also, and loves building/testing new custom DIY electric skateboards.  Dr. E's goal is to build the coolest electric skateboards and also make video tutorials to help others build the same thing. See full bio on our About page.