HOW TO Build Custom DIY Electric Skateboard! – [Part 2][Motor Mounting/VESC Setup][Dual 6374]

Here’s part 2 of HOW TO Build Custom DIY Electric Skateboard, this is a dual 6374, 12S2P Samsung 40T Setup, total of 6500 watts of power.

Haven’t seen part 1?  See Part 1 first here!

In part 2, I solder my XT90 connector and bullet connectors to the Flipsky FSESC 6.60 Plus, which I think you should take time to do as it’s core of your board. Sorry my video got a bit long but I want you guys to really pay attention to every detail when building your own custom DIY electric skateboard as your life depends on it.

I also finally got new belts I ordered(300 5M belts), which fit perfectly with the motor/wheel pullies that I show you how to do and also using the new belt tension system on Haggyboard Kahua trucks.

After that, I connect everything together and setup VESC just the way I like it and also with safety in mind. Make sure you guys set battery max current correctly otherwise it can potentially lead to injury or death. I go in much detail for the VESC setup so follow that and you should be fine. Always set all the parameters to 80% of whatever the maximum specs of your board. E.g. If your motor is rated for 100A, set it to 80A or less. You can always raise it later after you test out the board and make sure everything working 100%.

Building an electric skateboard can be done quickly in just one day but I highly advice you guys to take your time and do it in parts, and always DOUBLE CHECK your work. Even a slight mistake in soldering your XT90 connector could cause your board to fail while going 35MPH. Make sure every connection on the board is solid and tight. If not, just re-do until it is as YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.

P.S. I will have a shortened version of the tutorial in both video and written language soon, sorry I just spent a LOT of time this so wanted to upload it first, enjoy!

Parts List:

Landyachts Evo 40 Deck – Get at DaddiesBoardshop – Link

Haggyboard Kahua Trucks & Motor Mount – Link

120mm Cloud Wheels – Link

Flipsky VESC 6.60 Plus w/ Anti-Spark – Link

Flipsky 6374 Motors – Link

12S2P Samsung 40T Battery I built, check out How to Build 12S2P Samsung 40T DIY Electric Skateboard Battery Pack!

Total Cost: Around $1300 w/ parts, taxes, and shipping included.

Total Time to Build:

10 hours for battery pack

20 hours for assembly

Around 30 hours of work.


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