How to Ride Steep Hills on Electric Skateboard!

In this video, I show you the basics of how to ride steep hills(like San Francisco hills) on an electric skateboard. If you have never ridden an electric skateboard on steep hills, this video should help you.

First, make sure you have an electric skateboard with enough power to go up steep hills and also enough power to brake. If you have a single hub or belt motor, most likely you will NOT be able to make up steep hills. I do highly recommend dual belt motors for steep hills as they are “geared” and have more torque than hub motors. I would stay away from hub motors if you want to ride steep hills daily as they overheat easily and voltage sag will cause them to slow down much quicker than belt setup.


How to Install New Wheels/Belts on DIY Electric Skateboard! [DrESkateboard]

In this video, I show you how to install new wheels/belts on your DIY electric skateboard. If pulley size on the new wheels like shown in the video, you will need to buy a slightly bigger belt or slightly smaller.

I was using 250 5M belts but they were already pretty tight with motors so I ordered new 260 5M belts and they fit perfectly for the new bigger pulley on the new wheels.


Ownboard M1 Mini Electric Skateboard Unboxing & First Ride!

I had the pleasure of unboxing Ownboard’s latest mini electric skateboard, the Ownboard M1 with Samsung 40T battery.  This is a dual-belt 30-inch mini electric skateboard with 90mm wheels and Hobbywing ESC (Electronic Speed Controller).  For those of you who don’t know, Hobbywing ESC is a custom electronic motor controller that gives your electric skateboard super smooth acceleration and braking along with super quiet motors.


How to Airplane Travel w/ Electric Skateboard!

Want to travel to another country or city with your electric skateboard? Here is how to travel on airplanes with your electric skateboard, this is a generic instructions that you can apply to any electric skateboard including Boosted Mini S, Acton Blink SR, and any e skateboard with 100Wh or less battery.